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Bottle Buddy
Bottle Buddy

Bottle Buddy

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The Bottle Buddy lets you put anyone's face onto a Message Bottle to make it even more memorable, and also more fun, personal or hilarious. The Bottle Buddy will be the perfect greeting for anyone and any occasion. Don't let your friends and family FACE a special occasion without a buddy.

Upload an image of a single person to be used on the label. If more than one person is in the picture we won't know which face to use.

We will size, crop and center your image automatically to fit the bottle while making the face as visible as possible.

It is important to upload a high quality image to get the best results.

Long hair or beards may sometimes need to be cropped in order to make the face the proper size on the bottle.

If you're having trouble with what to say try our Message Idea Center for help.