Why The Message Bottle?

9 out of 10 people prefer a personal message than a mass produced greeting card.
The Message Bottle is the best alternative to an ordinary greeting card, they're more fun, different and extremely memorable. Let's face it, greeting cards don't make much of an impression, they're just so forgettable. The Message Bottle is for when the occasion or the person is too special for the ordinary. With different style Message Bottles tailored to any and every occasion there's always a reason to send one and make someone smile. Sending a Message Bottle is fast, easy and sure to make a big impression. So forget greeting cards, when they truly matter to you, only The Message Bottle will do.
      • Fun, different and extremely memorable
      • Fast & easy to send
      • Perfect for Birthdays and all special occasions
      • Great for "just because", love notes and when they don't make a card for that
      • Buy today and choose when to ship so you can't forget
      • Costs no more than some greeting cards