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Our Story

It all started with a coincidental discovery. My Grandmother had been gone for years and one day I was thinking about how much I missed her. So I pulled out some of her things we kept so I could reminisce and bring back some old memories. While I was looking through a box with items she held dear to her I found this little bottle with a message rolled up inside. I had never seen some of the things before but of course this mysterious message in a bottle had peeked my interest more than anything else did. When I pulled the message out it turned out to be a little love note from my Grandfather just telling her how lucky he was to have her in his life. It was so simple yet so meaningful that she had kept it her whole life. I'm sure just by seeing it she could remember every word of what my Grandfather wrote to her. It had an impact on me because it was so special and thoughtful. Even for me, who had nothing to do with this message in a bottle it was a whole experience. Before opening it my imagination ran wild and I couldn't help but get engulfed with wonder about who this could be from and what it might say. It was fun to get caught up in the mystery and anticipation. I thought who wouldn't want to experience this and at the same time get a thoughtful gesture from someone. I wanted to pay homage to my Grandparents' love and let other people enjoy the experience of what turned out to be a keepsake for a lifetime, so I started The Message Bottle Company.