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About Us

The Message Bottle Co. started with a simple purpose, to spread love and kindness. One caring gesture inspires another and we want to play a role in making the world a better place, a nicer, caring, more compassionate place. Everyone deserves to feel loved or know that there are people who care so our goal is to inspire people to share that they care. The only way for them to know is if you tell them.


We are dedicated to elevating the greeting card experience to something that is more fun, unique and memorable. We've combined the timeless message in a bottle with the greeting card to create a new greeting experience unlike any other. The Message Bottle has the sentiment and artwork of a greeting card but presented in a way people haven't experienced. There is a Message Bottle for every occasion, every holiday and every reason, or for no reason at all.


The Message Bottle's small size makes it a wonderful and convenient keepsake to remind them of how much you care. Our labels are thoughtfully designed so they are meaningful as well as fun. Nobody will forget receiving their very own personal miniature message in a bottle. The Message Bottle is more than a greeting, it's an experience.


There is always an occasion or relationship to celebrate in our lives and we want to help make them extra special.