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About Us

There I was, confused and overwhelmed, everywhere I looked it was the same, I was trapped in a place where time has no meaning....the greeting card aisle.

This process was harder and more time consuming than it needed to be. Don't get us wrong, we love greeting cards. Well, we love the idea of greeting cards anyways. Getting something in the mail celebrating an important event in your life is very special, especially today in the digital age more than ever. Its so easy to send a digital greeting card, a text or tag them in a post. We get it, the trip to the store, reading through an endless sea of mass produced sentiment and generic jokes, remembering how stamps and envelopes are used, its a lot. That's why we've created the absolute best alternative to a greeting card. The Message Bottle is fast, easy, and affordable for you and fun, unexpected and memorable for whoever you send it to. We have a Message Bottle for any occasion; from Birthdays to love notes, thank you's to good lucks and from causing mischief to the apology you'll need afterwards. Nothing compares to The Message Bottle.

The Message Bottle Co. is a small family owned business bringing a truly unique and more meaningful alternative to the greeting card. Our products are designed and handcrafted in Bethany, CT and we use supplies made almost exclusively in the USA.