Frequently Asked Questions


How do I personalize my order?

It's easy. Once you are on the product page for the Message Bottle you want to send: 

  1. Fill in the required fields to the right of the product image.
  2. Click the "ADD TO CART' button.
  3. Follow the 'CHECK OUT' instructions to provide your billing info.
      That's it, we do the rest.
    • Be sure to fill in the "To' and 'From' fields, otherwise they won't know.
    • Double check your message. We do not fix grammar or spelling.

     How do I ship to different addresses from just one order?

    Once you have selected all the items and have them added to your cart you will want to go to your cart page.

    1. Click the checkbox next to 'SHIP TO MULTIPLE ADDRESSES' located above the items in your cart.
    2. Here you can select a new or previous address for each item, you can also edit your messages and datepickers.

    Can I edit my order once it's in my cart?

    You can. When your item(s) are in your cart just click the box next to 'SHIP TO MULTIPLE ADDRESSES'. This will bring up additional options including editing your message and the datepicker. If you are not shipping to multiple addresses then when you're done editing your order simply uncheck the 'SHIP TO MULTIPLE ADDRESSES' box.

    Why won't my whole message fit?

    To be sure everyone's message could be centered and looking it's absolute best we needed to limit the characters within the scrolls printable area. Think of it as the length of a tweet.

    Why can't I pick my own text style?

    With only one style we know exactly how many characters will fit within the printable area. Fonts are different sizes, so each font will change how many characters you can fit on the scroll. We have chosen a handwritten looking font to keep the Message Bottle as personal and authentic as possible.

    What is the return address since you ship it for me?

    The return address is our fulfillment center in Connecticut. The only way to find out who sent a Message Bottle is to read the scroll inside the bottle. Not knowing who it's from until the end only feeds curiosity and is part of what makes the Message Bottle experience.

    Can kids be sent The Message Bottle?

    We use durable great quality bottles but they are still glass and glass can always break. All kids are different so use your best judgement but we would not recommend sending them to children. The Message Bottle is not a toy.

    Still need help? Just email or fill out the form on our 'Contact Us' page, we'll be glad to help.

    *If you receive The Message Bottle and do not save it as a keepsake or make use of it in a creative way (which is perfectly fine), we urge you to please recycle the bottle.


    When will they get their Message Bottle?

    Standard Shipping:

    We use First Class Mail through the USPS for all of our deliveries to make it the most affordable for you, our customer. USPS First Class Mail is typically 2-3 business days. The USPS does not deliver on Sundays or Federal Holidays so keep that in mind when ordering. Deliveries to Overseas Military Bases and to US Territories outside the continental US are likely to take longer than it does within the continental US.

    Additional Shipping Information:

    Due to payment processing the earlier in the day you place your order the better it is for being shipped that same day. Most orders will be processed and shipped the next business day.

    Can I really ship different items from one order to different addresses?

    It's true! You can have different items from the same order sent to different addresses, not only that but they can be sent out on different dates too! (Check below under ORDERING for more info)

     Do you offer overnight shipping?

    Not yet, we do not have an overnight option yet but we hope to.

    Do you ship internationally?

    We do ship to all US Territories and Military Bases outside of the continuous USA but we do not offer international shipping yet.



    Return Policy: Because each one of our items are personalized, once an order has been made we can not accept refunds. Also see Order Cancellation Policy below.

    Order Cancellation Policy: We do not take order cancellations. For us to ship your package quickly your item(s) begins production soon after your order is placed. Depending on how fast you contact us we may be able to help but we CANNOT guarantee it.

    Damaged Item: If you receive a damaged item please contact Have pictures of the damaged product and we'll be glad to work with you.

    Privacy Policy: We respect our customer's privacy and take steps to protect and secure it. You can also read our full policy.