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Wishing To Be With You

Wishing To Be With You

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Celebrate the warmth of togetherness with our beautifully crafted Message Bottle featuring an exquisite watercolor illustration of a sumptuous feast. The scene captures the essence of Thanksgiving, a time for sharing and cherishing moments with loved ones.

In one variant, the label affectionately conveys "Wishing we could be with you," expressing the heartfelt desire to share in the joy of the holiday festivities. In the other variant, the label sentimentally reads "Wishing I could be with you," reflecting the yearning to be physically present and create cherished memories together.

The detailed watercolor depiction of the feast adds a touch of artistry to your Thanksgiving message. This Message Bottle becomes a heartfelt gesture, reminding recipients of the love and connection that transcends physical distance.

Order now to send your warmest wishes across the miles. Let these labels serve as a symbol of unity and a testament to the bonds that tie us together. Share in the spirit of Thanksgiving, even when apart.

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